Bus Routes

Requests for bus stop changes may be made through the transportation router. Please understand that it is not possible to stop in front of every student’s home. We design our routes to have neighborhood stops that best serve all of the students in a neighborhood.

If you are new to the district or considering a move, please use the following link (VersaTrans Software System) to determine if your student would be a walker or rider and get their stop information. This link is for informational purposes only and does not ensure a seat on the bus, your student must be registered at school prior to riding the bus. For information on what the various bus codes mean, please see the section to the right. Please use student as both the username and password to login to the VersaTrans software.

Click on the Versatrans e-link below to find out your students bus information. Note: New School Year will be under the link when it is updated. Expect new information by August 14, 2017.  Please use the word "student" as both the username and password to login to the VersaTrans software.

Versatrans e-link

Bus Codes in VersaTrans Software
PA = special needs preschool
P3= special needs preschool (3 year old)PS= special needs preschool
KA= AM kindergarten
KP= PM kindergarten
K= all day kindergarten
01= grade 1
02 = grade 2
03 = grade 3
04 = grade 4
05 = grade 5
06= grade 6
07= grade 7
08= grade 8
09= grade 9
10= grade 10
11= grade 11
12= grade 12
UG un-graduated
99 un-used
0 un-used
98 un-used