Library Media Centers



Library Media Centers

Library media centers have been established in all Portage Township school buildings. The library media center concept provides a unified program of traditional, audio-visual and electronic resources for student and faculty use. Equipped with the most current information technologies, library media staff members regularly collaborate with others in their learning communities to integrate information literacy skills into daily instructional activities. In the secondary schools, libraries are staffed with full-time library media specialists, who are certified teacher/librarians. They are assisted by at least one full-time paraprofessional. The elementary libraries are staffed with full-time library media clerks, paraprofessionals who work under the direction of the district-level staff.

All library media centers maintain an open door policy for the exchange of library books and other instructional materials. Most are open both before and after school hours. In addition, elementary libraries also provide regularly scheduled class visits for material exchange, storytelling, and other activities that help to bring children and books together. All school libraries are networked to the departments automated library system and online reference subscription services. They also have real-time access to all other district-wide information warehouses, as well as the Internet.


Library Media Centers/Staff

Jones Elementary School
Rebecca Belt, Library Media Clerk

Kyle Elementary School
Deb Chaja, Library Media Clerk

Fegely Middle School
Rhonda Simpson, Library Media Specialist
Joan Ramian, Library Media Clerk

Willowcreek Middle School
Marilynn Svetanoff, Library Media Specialist
Sue Gallardo, Library Media Clerk

Portage High School
Lorrie Cohen, Library Media Clerk
Richard Horn, Library Media Specialist