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Portage Township Schools Online Art Database

Portage Township Schools Art Catalo 

Welcome to the Portage Township Schools Online Art Database.  This database showcases our entire collection of art originals, prints and reproductions.  It includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, and three-dimensional realia.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for access to the database. 

These items are housed throughout the school district and all are available for use in the classroom.  Reserve them through our online library catalog as you would any other bookable audio-visual item.

Items are searchable by "Title of the piece/artwork", by artist's last name, and by general subject (painting, sculpture, poster, etc.) or you may simply click Search and all items will appear alphabetically.  
Each record includes an image of the work and its title.  Clicking on the "title" of each item will link to the bibliographic record in our library database. Once on the library page, you may book the item to display in your classroom. There, a complete bibliographic description of the item may be found.  The collection is indexed in the online catalog by its artist, subject headings, and the museum that houses the original work.