School Security

All Portage Township Schools have security measures in place for the safeguarding of our children, faculty, and staff.
Atthe start of the school day, all doors/entrances into the building arelocked. Parents/Visitors are to enter at the main entrance to thebuilding. Please be sure to follow the protocol for entrance into any Portage school.
E-Alerts and School Messenger are two other ways to give parents information about school events.
E-Alerts letparents register at the district level website and also at our schoolwebsite in order to get emailed alerts to their email addresses aboutschool closings, website changes, and current events (you can choose tobe notified when certain webpages changes).
School Messenger (a telephone automated dialer system)is used by both the school's office to notify parents of upcomingevents and late buses and also by individual teachers to remindstudents/parents of field trips, different events, and class activities.
Entrance Protoccol

  • Upon arrival at inside entrance door, please state your name.
  • What is your business?
  • Please show photo ID.
  • Visitor enters; signs in & wears a Visitor's Badge.
  • Visitor leaves photo ID with secretary.
  • Visitor signs out; returns Visitor's Badge; picks up photo ID when leaving the building.

What happens without a photo ID? Visitor is asked to return with a photo ID.